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Coffee is for Closers

Posted on March 16, 2016 at 10:25 PM

I drink a lot of coffee, I’ll admit; this social drink that we use to create a moment of social interaction just as often as we use it to jump start our morning. But I’ve met with a number of people who I think believe doing coffee is a job requirement. Coffee is a means and not an end to itself.


When we talk about doing coffee, it’s often described as Networking. When we look at how a computer network operates, information moves through connections going from point A to point B. The network merely exists to facilitate that transfer. The connectivity itself lacks meaning if it isn’t used.


When we look at doing coffee, each person should ask the person across from them, “Why are you here?” More importantly, ask yourself why you are investing your time and a handful of dollars sitting at a small table. What do you hope to gain?


When I network, I make a point of declaring my intentions right at the beginning. Often I open with a statement around how good it is to see or meet the person and that I am looking forward to accomplishing something specific with them. If I am looking for a referral from my networking partner, I state who I want to be referred to, why I think they would be interested in meeting me and ask how I can make giving the referral as easy as possible.


Finally, when I wrap a coffee meeting, I ask the person I’m with if they got everything they wanted out of our meeting. Then I recap my list of action items for both of us and ask them to hold me accountable for performing what I said I will do.


Coffee may by for closers only, but a great networking meeting can help you grow your business. Like anything, though, it must be intentional, have an action plan and create steps for follow through.


And if this makes you want to get yelled at by Alec Baldwin," target="_blank">be my guest.

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