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INWYK Partners

Your Outsourced Sales Team

Business Development Campaign

This is an example of how INWYK Partners would build a campaign for your company and execute on it.

Sales Strategies

1. Identify the Target Market

a. Build a List of 300-400 Prospective Companies

b. Identify Key Buyers Inside Prospective Companies

c. Reverse Engineer Why These Buyers Buy

2. Implement Tools

a. Select and Implement CRM

b. Select and Implement Email Automation Product

c. Train Calling Campaign Team

3. Craft Messaging

a. What Emails will Go Out and Why

b. What Call Scripts Will be Effective

c. What Other Messaging Can we Do?

4. Call to Action

a. Create a Clear, Easy Path for Prospects to Say Yes


1. Activate Email Campaign

a. Execute Automated Email Campaign

b. Follow Up with Responses

c. Cull Bounces / Rejections

d. Schedule Appointments For INWYK Client Sales Team

2. Activate Calling Campaign

a. Follow Up with Responses

b. Cull Bounces / Rejections

c. Schedule Appointments for INWYK Client Sales Team

3. Other Campaigns (example: Post Card)

a. Send Timely Alternative Messaging

b. Follow Up with Inbounds

4. Optimize:

a. Cull Bounces and Rejections

b. Add More Leads to List for Emailing and Calling

c. Identify and Eliminate Ineffective Messaging

d. Highlight and Expand Effective Messaging