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INWYK Partners

Your Outsourced Sales Team

Just What Is INWYK Partners?

Is your sales team not delivering the results you need? 

INWYK Partners is a growth engine that drives new business for closely held businesses. We do this through three primary activities:

  • Create sales strategies for companies that need to grow
  • Execute sales strategies with a variety of tactics to achieve growth and work with sales teams to maximize results
  • Analyze the data from our activities and constantly improve result

Sales Strategies

INWYK Partners get involved with the company by talking with clients and people in the production part of the company to understand what makes the company special. We build that information into our sales strategies to create an ideal target market list. We then reverse engineer the buying process to understand why prospects buy from you to craft messaging that will resonate in the target market list.


INWYK Partners doesn’t just deliver a sales plan, we also execute that plan. Our team takes on the target markets we identified in our sales strategy in order to drive growth by acquiring new clients. We do this through a variety of means, including both outbound activity such as calls and emails and inbound activities such as online marketing. We also work with our clients on branding to align sales and marketing to create a welcoming environment for new customers to land.

Not satisfied with your sales results? We can change that.

If you are looking for answers to the questions above, let's schedule a free 60 minute whiteboard session to identify which of these three key areas are holding you back, please click the email below and let us know when works for you.