INWYK Partners

Your Medical Device Services Representatives

Just What Is INWYK Partners?

Do you need to find medical device solution?

INWYK Partners works with medical device services companies to connect them with medical device companies who need their services.  These include:

  • World Class Contract Project Managers
  • Electronics Design and Assembly Services
  • Mechanical Design and Assembly Services
  • Recruiting that is focused on finding Nerdy Talent
  • Medical Device Quality and Regulatory Consulting


INWYK Partners identifies companies that they believe will do a good job and have a great reputation in the industry. They work with those companies to hone what makes them different than competitors in the space, and then goes to talk to medical device companies about the companies they represent. Many people are familiar with the model under the name of "Manufacturer's Representatives." This is similar but for a specific set of services that are tailored to the Medical Device Industry.